First time ever Perform Virtual Live Yagna on Sadhana App, Ecofriendly Diwali: a Technological wonder

New Delhi, October 21: For the first time ever, people around the world will be able to perform a virtual sadhana in the same time frame on the sadhana app, along with Om Swami, who will be leading the physical sadhana at his ashram in Solan, India. They will be able to offer the ahuties (fire offerings) and do mantra chanting, following his lead.  Such a live large-scale global participation has never happened before.

No doubt that it is a breakthrough in dharma, bringing all Sanatanies across the globe together and practising the auspicious and most powerful Sri Suktam sadhana.  But it is also a technological wonder to be able to use technology in such a manner. “At Sadhana app, we have gamified the entire event and used artificial intelligence (AI) to create 3D elements giving our users an absolute real-time and place experience”, shares the very proud CEO of the Vedic Sadhana Foundation, Priyanka Anand.

All 16 days of sadhanas, which includes two sets of practice, morning Yagya and evening Japa, have been configured into the app. This means that not only will the people be able to do the Yagyas from the comfort of their homes, but they will also not have to go hunting for the auspicious rare ingredients for each day. They will simply have to log into the Sadhana app and participate at absolutely no cost. Those who have opted to be Yajmanas of the Yagyas will be receiving holy ashes and prasadam delivered to their doorsteps.

“It is the most unique of events ever done because it will enable the global followers of Sanatan Dharma to perform such an important puja with all the Vidhi and Vidhan as given in the Vedas and reap its spiritual benefits while at home.

This is a technological marvel and breakthrough in the world of faith.

This is also a new, more eco-friendly and green way of celebrating Diwali, where we are being kind to mother nature by saving up on her natural resources.

This will be a bridging gap between parents and their kids, where parents will be able to encourage their kids to use technology to build their spiritual banks, and the kids will be able to understand and get closer to their Vedic roots. All this through a commonplace, the Sadhana app.  Plus, the entire family will be able to perform the Yagya together from their homes without having to change much in their routine.

Once again, the Sadhana app, through this endeavour, will be able to encourage people to do all the rituals on their own without the help of priests, just like the sages of yore practised the rituals on their own.

Sadhana app is Om Swami’s brainchild. He, who is a monk, entrepreneur and author, created this novel app along with a team of digital and content creators from around the world to revive the holy Vedas and restore the rich traditional roots of our ancient culture via technology. The app offers a unique state-of-the-art digital platform for Vedic worship to connect seekers of spiritual truth with the roots of Sanatana Dharma. Sadhana app was launched in early March this year and since then has grown exponentially to touch more than 1.5 lakh lives across the world.

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