Thyroid Troubles: How Thyroid Imbalances Cause Hair Fall

Our bodily functions and metabolism are regulated by hormones secreted in the body, especially the thyroid hormone. Right from brain development in infants to the regulation of body temperature, heart rate, and weight control, the thyroid hormone plays a role in most metabolic activities in the body. Skin and hair are two main organs of our body that are affected by thyroid imbalances. 

  • Have you been experiencing unexplained hair loss lately?
  • Do you find your scalp hair thinning and uniformly sparse?

This could indicate possible thyroid disorders and it is time to get your hormone levels checked. With the right intervention with appropriate medication or hair loss supplements, you can restore your hair to its previous level.

Hair Growth Cycle

The human hair growth cycle involves different stages of growth and can be divided into the growth (anagen), the regression (catagen), and the resting (telogen) phases. The hair grows from the root, nourished by blood vessels in the scalp. It emerges through the scalp and continues to grow in length till it falls out when the hair cycle starts again.

Hair Fall and Thyroid 

Any disruption in the production of hormones in the body, specifically the thyroid hormones, affects the development of hair right at the root. The maintenance and growth of hair follicles require thyroid hormones. Thyroid conditions can result in hair loss when left untreated. You will notice an even thinning of hair across your scalp and other areas such as your eyebrows.

Hair Loss and Thyroid Disease

Both hypo and hyperthyroidism can cause hair loss. This type of hair loss is usually widespread and affects the entire scalp instead of specific areas. If the thyroid disorder is treated successfully, hair can regrow, but it may take several months, and the regrowth may not be complete.

Is Hair Loss from a Thyroid Condition Reversible?

Thyroid hair loss is usually reversible. Once your thyroid problem is diagnosed and treated, your hair should return to normal within a few months. Taking hair loss vitamin supplements along with other treatments can promote better hair growth. Biotin hair gummies containing ferritin/iron, vitamins, zinc, and folate can be taken as supplements. Biotin helps strengthen the hair while folate helps in cell growth and division. Zinc regulates the production of sebum, the oily substance that moisturizes the scalp. Vitamins help protect the hair from damage and improve scalp blood circulation.

Indus Roots Hair Gummies

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