Ecosaa Debuts New Personal Care Line Promoting Diversity and Inclusivity

In the vast and ever-evolving landscape of the personal care industry, many still struggle to find products that cater to their unique needs. For years, the market has been dominated by brands that often overlook the diverse requirements of their consumers, leaving many feeling excluded and underserved. This issue is particularly acute for the LGBTQ community in India, a group that has long faced societal marginalization and a lack of inclusivity.
Recognizing this significant gap and the pressing need for change, a passionate entrepreneur decided to take matters into her own hands. Thus, Ecosaa was born—a brand dedicated to fostering a community where everyone is welcome and valued.

The founder, Jeel Parvadiya, began her journey in 2022 with a vision to develop personal care solutions that celebrate diversity. Her commitment to using scientifically researched natural ingredients ensures that Ecosaa products are effective and gentle on all skin and hair types. The product range includes skincare, body care, and haircare items designed to cater to the needs of a diverse customer base. Under her leadership, the company has recently signed an MoU with Government of Gujarat in the Vibrant Summit 2024.

“Our goal is to build a community where every individual feels welcome and celebrated,” says Jeel Parvadiya. “We believe that personal care should not only enhance beauty but also foster a sense of belonging and self-worth.”

Dipti Aslot, Marketing Manager at ECOSAA stated that despite being an integral part of India’s rich cultural history, the LGBTQ community has consistently encountered challenges in finding products that affirm their identity and cater to their needs. She added, “Traditional personal care brands have largely neglected this segment, resulting in a dearth of products that embrace and celebrate diversity. This lack of representation in the personal care industry has further perpetuated feelings of exclusion and invisibility among these individuals.”
As Ecosaa makes its debut on 23rd May 2024, it invites everyone to join this journey of self- care and inclusivity. The brand’s launch is more than just the introduction of a new product line; it is a call to embrace diversity and support a community where everyone is truly welcome.

Discover the Conscious difference today and become a part of a movement that celebrates you for who you are. Together, we can create a world where beauty knows no boundaries.

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