Heal With Nature Using Stylla’s Latest Amazing Innovations

Panipat (Haryana) [India], May 24: Stylla is launching its brand new collection of soothing towels, quilts, and pillows that will make the user feel like being wrapped in the lap of Mother Nature. Who doesn’t want to get healed naturally and elevate one’s well-being from products that are nature-made? Stylla’s new product line is the perfect example of that. They are now introducing fabulous pillows, quilts and towels, which will give the user a sense of connection to the earth and offer immense health benefits that every individual deserves. 

In ancient times as well, people used to rely more heavily on goods like textiles, herbs, and oils that were procured from nature that did instant healing. Those nature-inspired products were supposed to have incredible wellness benefits that could even treat severe health issues. Stylla has also put an effort into the remake. The recently released innovations of Stylla are also made using natural ingredients that work like magic for different kinds of health issues, be it physical or psychological. 

Below is a quick glance at those amazing foundries; it’s the:

●Apple Ginger Pillow with Malic Acid

●Soybean Pillow

●Green Tea AC Quilt

These fabulous necessities newly launched by Stylla, which are a bliss for the users, are not worth missing out on. Here’s why:


Apple Ginger Pillow is infused with Malic Acid naturally found in apples. It not just strengthens hair follicles by improving the integrity of the hair shaft, but also helps in gentle exfoliation of dead skin cells, resulting in a rejuvenated scalp and revitalized hair. This pillow has a soothing scent of apple and ginger, creating a calm ambiance and actively reduces stress, ensuring a restful sleep every night. It is tailored to relieve scalp tension, leaves the user feeling invigorated and renewed each morning. Incorporating the Apple Ginger Pillow with Malic Acid and antioxidants into sleep routine can lead to healthier, stronger hair and a more rejuvenated scalp, all while providing a blissful and relaxing experience.


Neck and Head Pain is common nowadays in this busy and chaotic world. And to alleviate it, Stylla has launched Soybean Pillow. It can be said that it’s the company’s other brilliant product, which offers ultimate neck comfort and heals cervical pain. The soybean fibers offer a calming touch that gives optimal alignment to one’s body head and neck. So, one can cocoon one’s nights with nature serenity with these super comfy pillows. Other qualities that the producers claim about these headrests are being supportive, breathable, and calming, which promise a relaxing slumber. 


For the cool comfort and peaceful slumber, Stylla’s newest Green Tea AC quilts is a must-try, as it can take the sleep experience to new heights. Many people struggle to have quality sleep at night due to the loads of work stress the whole day. And these quilts can act as the best mates at that time. The quilts are made using soft natural fibers and have energizing scents of green tea, which when the sleeper inhales, can dive into a meditative state. The green tea calming elements instantly de-stress the wearer from the chaos and make the person achieve feelings of tranquility and calmness. Apart from this, this innovation also offers benefits of temperature regulation, durability and maintenance ease. Investing in a product like this can truly demonstrate a wonderful act towards self-care. 


Users would go insane with the endlessly magical towels which are super-absorbent and quick-drying. Yes, by just taking out from the water, the magic can be seen- the towel will dry out in minutes. Not only this, Stylla has designed its latest towel collection using nature-infused materials that enhance absorbency, inhibit the growth of bacteria, and also limit the risk of skin irritations or infections. 

So, Stylla urges users to bring home these amazing solutions for themselves and their loved ones, and conquer various health problems. Wellness starts from using the right products that support one’s nurture journey! 

“At Stylla, we truly believe that connecting with nature can make everyone’s life better,” said the Director- Mr. Anshu Gaba. 

With every stitch, Mr. Anshu Gaba and his daughter Miss Sarasi Gaba, set out on a shared mission that each of their products are crafted from nature’s own bounty and have the finest quality. And by adapting these products, the health and lives of people can be well-nurtured.  

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