H.V. Mohan Lal Unveils “The Real Theory of Everything” (Kindle Version) with Live Demonstration in Bangalore

Bangalore (Karnataka) [India], May 27:  H.V. Mohan Lal, a self-taught researcher driven by a passion for uncovering the mysteries of the universe, unveiled his ground-breaking book, “The Real Theory of Everything,” (e-book) at a well-attended press conference on Friday, May 24th, 2024. The event, held in Medahalli, Bangalore, attracted a substantial audience of media representatives and science enthusiasts, all eager to explore Lal’s revolutionary ideas. The theory of everything in book form was released in September 2022 by Justice Santosh Hegde.

Beyond theoretical contributions, Lal built a 40-foot Microgravity Drop Tower (ARYABHATTA MICROGRAVITY DROP TOWER or AMDT) to facilitate practical experimentation related to gravity. This tower served as a bridge between scientific discovery and the public, catering to both seasoned researchers and curious minds, fostering a space for exploration and exchange of ideas. The event featured a live demonstration showcasing the AMDT’s capabilities and Lal’s theories on the Moon’s rotation and solar system formation, captivating the audience with a glimpse into the practical applications of his work.

“My journey began with a seemingly simple yet profound question: ‘How can something like time, which appears intangible, interact with the vast emptiness of space?’ This fundamental curiosity sparked a dedicated research odyssey, leading me to immerse myself in the works of scientific giants like Einstein, Newton, and Tesla. However, my exploration went beyond mere understanding. My research ultimately led me to propose a new framework that challenges the status quo and offers alternative explanations for phenomena like curved spacetime, a cornerstone of Einstein’s theory of general relativity,” said H.V. Mohan Lal.

Lal emphasized the importance of open dialogue and exploration within the scientific community. “The Real Theory of Everything” was not intended to be the final word, but rather a catalyst for further discussion and investigation. Lal hoped his work would spark a new wave of scientific inquiry and lead to groundbreaking discoveries. The book offered a unique perspective on fundamental physics, making it a valuable resource for both seasoned physicists seeking alternative viewpoints and curious individuals fascinated by the cosmos.

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