Mrs. World International 2024 Crowns Dazzling Queens in Scintillating Grand Finale

Gurgaon (Haryana) [India], June 3:  The magnificent Leela Ambience Gurgaon witnessed a night of dazzling beauty and unwavering spirit as Mrs. World International 2024, Season 2, culminated in a spectacular grand finale. Organized by the visionary Barkha Nangia, founder of Glamour Gurgaon, this prestigious event, an epitome of elegance and grandeur, celebrated the multifaceted achievements of married women from around the globe. Conceptualized and brought to life by Barkha Nangia, Mrs World International aims to acknowledge and celebrate the contributions of married women to their families and society, while also empowering them to maintain their individuality and pursue their passions.

The glittering evening was graced by the crème de la crème of the fashion and entertainment industry, setting the stage for a night of unparalleled glamour and style. With a dazzling array of contestants, the pageant was a testament to the beauty, intelligence, and resilience of modern married women. 

The Show culminated in the crowning moment and ultimate triumph of Winners Shraddha Vadalia from Group A and Anuradha Gupta from Group B. Both Shraddha Vadalia and Anuradha Gupta stood out among the talented contenders, showcasing unparalleled charisma and dedication to the values upheld by Mrs. World International 2024.

Other title winners who captivated the judges and audience alike, earning the coveted title and the admiration for their remarkable performance are – Mrs. World Unity- Saumya Shree, Mrs. World Peace- Chandrika Gunturu, Mrs. World Pride- Nithanya TM, Mrs. World Harmony- Amudha Subramanian in Group A. Second Runner-up Oiendrila Guha and First Runner-up Niharika Chaudhary were also acknowledged. In Group B, Mrs. World Unity- Zelda Kolah, Mrs. World Peace- Pinki Maring, Mrs. World Pride- Denys Kumaran, Mrs. World Harmony- Rutvi Vyas claimed victory. Ruby Jha and Shazia Zafar secured Second Runner-up and First Runner-up positions respectively.

The grand finale pulsated with excitement as the finalists sashayed down the runway, captivating the esteemed jury panel with their poise and confidence. The grand finale was a culmination of rigorous auditions held in major cities across the globe including Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Lucknow, Jaipur, Dubai, London, New York, and Melbourne. The grueling competition tested the participants’ mettle in various rounds, encompassing confidence, stage presence, and captivating ramp walks.

Prior to the grand finale, the contestants embarked on a transformative journey, undergoing intensive grooming sessions, to hone their skills and prepare them for the spotlight. This meticulous process was overseen by Barkha Nangia, a renowned beauty entrepreneur, who has been a driving force behind numerous successful pageants since 2010.

Speaking about the event’s significance, Barkha Nangia expressed, “Mrs. World International was conceptualized to empower married women, both nationally and internationally, to chase their dreams with unwavering zeal. Age is a mere number; it’s one’s unwavering pursuit of goals that defines success. This platform will be a launchpad for many of our finalists and winners, propelling them towards careers in modeling, acting, theatre, ramp shows, and more.”

Meenakshi Sheshadri, a distinguished member of the jury, offered her perspective: “Judging Mrs. World International 2024 was an absolute pleasure. Each participant exuded undeniable charisma and unwavering self-belief. This competition beautifully shattered stereotypes, proving that marriage need not be a barrier to ambition. I extend my heartfelt congratulations to all the winners and participants.”

Another jury member, Lataa Saberwal, said, “Being a part of the Mrs. World International 2024 jury was a truly inspiring experience. The participants showcased remarkable grace and determination, defying traditional expectations and demonstrating that marriage can be a foundation for continued personal and professional growth. I am immensely proud of each contestant for their courage and spirit.”

Akassh K Aggarwal, Namrata Senani Garg, and Yasmin Mistry were also part of the jury for Mrs. World International 2024, Season 2. The pageant’s Direction & Choreography was expertly handled by industry veteran Shie Lobo, adding a touch of finesse to the grand spectacle. 

The event also underscored Glamour Gurgaon’s commitment to social responsibility. For over a decade, the organization has been dedicated to raising awareness about breast cancer through annual camps and free medical check-ups for underprivileged women. This initiative, supported by a team of volunteer doctors, aims to educate women about early detection and prevention, addressing a critical health issue that affects one in eight women in India.

The success of Mrs. World International 2024, Season 2, was further enhanced by the invaluable contributions of its partners. From sound healing meditation with Arhat to cinematic brilliance with Bling Ping, from the elegance of Eleven Cosmetics to the delectable offerings of Tops, and from the insightful pages of Women’s Era to the nurturing touch of Beauness, each partner played a vital role. O’Gardener provided refreshing rosewater while Dr Snug ensured health and wellness. Fuschia added a touch of gifting delight, while News9 and Abeertech brought digital prominence. Finally, UK International adorned the contestants with stunning hair and makeup, completing the holistic support that made this event a resounding success.

As the evening drew to a close, the air was filled with excitement and anticipation for the future. Mrs. World International 2024, Season 2, stands as a celebration of womanhood in all its multifaceted glory. It empowers women from diverse backgrounds to claim their place on the global stage. This inspiring event serves as a catalyst for millions of married women worldwide, urging them to dream bigger, embrace their strength, and achieve their aspirations.

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