Aditii Parnaik Sharma Psychic Tarot Card Reader Numerologist, Law of Attraction Coach, Happiness Life Coach, Mindfulness Expert, Councelor

Madhya Pradesh (India), June 11: Born in Madhya Pradesh, in a family of soldiers, Aditii’s childhood was filled with playfulness, friends and frequent change in locations due to her father’s postings. This entailed travelling to different parts of the country and changing schools frequently. The assortment of school mates, locals and those on the move like her, from across the country provided a good understanding of what Bharat is. Frequent outings and adventure camps served to develop a love for nature and define a conforming concept of finding comfort in whatever the situation provided.

The Adventure Course in 1995 at Nehru Institute of Mountaineering (NIM) was natural fallout. Even though not being among older of the over 56 participants, she proved herself in rock climbing, rappelling and also handled responsibility of Patrol Leader, eventually securing an awardee position for herself amongst the course participants. For a cheerful, articulate and happy youngster what came out of all this was development of confidence in oneself, being self-reliant and understanding Teamwork. 

Aditii always knew she would do something to make her existence meaningful. Her purpose of life has always been helping the world in her own special way and making the ones around her, happy. On graduation she secured a position in an MNC and her performance earned her recognition as an international achiever. Her marriage relocated her where she took up an assignment with another Corporate. Soon she was handling the office mostly by herself and took up the task of motivating and training graduates to opt for and take up a corporate job. Owing to her husband’s posting she had to relocate to a different city.

After she completed her MBA, her desire to learn and acquire knowledge took her through a number of wide-ranging courses. Her love for a career in acting saw her completing a course in the subject. Notwithstanding her commitments in the family as an Army wife and mother, she managed to follow up with work on the television and playing lead in episodics. One of her Voice- over Ads released in four different countries abroad, while the other was for the esteemed, “National Chemical Laboratory’, Pune. Though there have been several opportunities that came up, they could not be taken up owing to her family commitments. Her book, “She started at 34!” is on Amazon and talks of her journey to become an Actor.

On the family front, a challenge was slowly becoming evident. Her baby son was growing up but was not beginning to speak as usually children do. As months passed and a year, her concerns grew. Having recognised the problem, she put herself to address it. Educating herself and looking after her son with patience, love and care, she reached out to family members, teachers, councillors and his friends to ensure he got the right environment. The struggle was full of ups and downs and unending stress.

Often, individuals and authorities were not sensitive to the situation. Getting them to understand the problem at hand and how important their role was in tackling it, brought good results. This was a good insight into how much community and society at large can help in such cases. The enormous effort that went into handling this challenge is evident from the fact that today, the boy is studying in a boarding school, well-adjusted and keen participant in all activities. This also brought to her notice the travails of parents and children so affected, eventually leading her to take up a Masters in Psychology.

In 2018 she shifted to Pune. There were a large number of ladies, children and elderly family members as also a considerable number of maids and their families who made up the population of the complex where she stayed. When the secretary of the society moved out to rejoin her husband, Aditii was nominated to take over from her. Given her zeal, social outlook and desire to maintain a functional standard of all facilities there, she interacted with members of the society and took up pending issues in right earnest.

Then Covid 19 struck. The sudden clamping down of free movement and supplies getting affected hit daily life. Media reports of casualties put the scare in everyone’s mind. Conditions kept worsening. The elderly and children were vulnerable and especially required to be careful. Other adults were no better. Everyone was home bound. With time normal life got impacted seriously. Rations ran out, the sick had to be taken to the hospital, deliveries of mothers-to-be were due, with everyone at home and stressed due to severe restrictions, tempers rose.

The maids’ families were in similar dire state. It was in such a progressively worsening situation that Aditii came forward from the beginning, proactively, to meet the requirements of families. She continuously engaged with the higher service and administrative authorities persuading and assisting them to provide support. Transport was arranged for taking patients for treatment, arrangements for getting rations were made for the members while free rations were arranged for the maids’ families on more than one occasion. At times some of them would come to her stating they had nothing to eat and without hesitation she gave them what she had at her place.

The society was soon a close-knit group and she became the go-to person. She arranged for daily requirements of vegetables and milk. Arrangements for quarantine of individuals that included medical examination, accommodation and food were coordinated. Although Aditii was looking after her two sons and all the aforesaid, she introduced on line activities to engage members of all age groups to provide creative diversion for them and went on to even arrange prizes from her side.

For her outstanding contribution and support provided as a secretary of the society, from the beginning and right through the Covid 19 First Phase, she was awarded the Army Wives Welfare Association (AWWA) Award in Aug 2020. To add to this, for her, the love and affection that developed and prevailed among all members of that society and the blessings that the maids and their families heaped upon her, remains as a source of great satisfaction.

Slowly, people realised they could get solutions to their problems through the secretary of the society. Individuals would come with their problems to meet Aditii. They included ladies, hassled home makers, elderly, maids, an individual struggling with challenged child and looking for a suitable placement and even the guards on duty in the society. They all were entertained, patiently counselled, their stress related personal and administrative problems were addressed and they all went back relaxed and cheerful. Arrangement for meals were made by Aditii from her home for the guards whose regular meal arrangements failed due to a change in the system.

Around the time Aditi was in the midst of several responsibilities, she was approached by a lady whose marriage was full of abuse and violence. Having failed to get the required support from anywhere and having seen how Aditii was involved in handling issues and situations, she sought help from Aditii. Her state was, to say the least, quite pitiable and that of her parents no better. For days on end, she was spending most of her time at Aditii’s place in a depressed state. With patience and decisive action Aditii handled the matter and progressed the case for interim relief until final resolution of the matter as desired. The lady is since happily remarried and pursuing her career.

Aditii’s approach of reaching out to help those who needed to be helped, manifested during the ‘Self-Awareness, Life Skills and Responsible Citizenship Course’ that she took under the Osmania University from the esteemed “College of Defence Management, Secunderabad. She steered her group to take on the subject of ‘Transgenders or the Third Group’. For this, her study of the subject and personal interaction with a representative of the community served to secure for them the Top position in the course. Her interest in the subject continues.

With all that was going on, Aditii was also getting to know herself, her strengths and what she was naturally good at doing. She was extremely busy but remained in high spirits. She relished the satisfaction that came from being of service to others. This also firmed her earlier desire to be of value to society at large. With the wide spectrum of her interests, she decided to empower herself to enable her to make this value more meaningful. She took up courses in numerous fields, as mentioned above and worked hard to gain expertise in them. She believes that everyone has a bit of magic. The secret is to realise it and use this magic to make those around us, happy as also achieve our goals. 

Today, she is a successful Psychic Tarot Card Reader and also runs Professional Tarot Courses on the subject. Her interactions provide required guidance and help her clients with their varied and real-life problems of relationships, finance, jobs, marriage, illness, profession, business and just about any aspect of life. Her counselling sessions are providing her clients a better understanding of the situations they are in and offer ways to get over them. Clients when faced with unbearable stress or feeling ‘low’ freely call her even at odd hours to seek advice and sometimes simply to talk with her because it cheers them up. Such is her patience, positivity, empathy and cheer.

She was awarded in 2022 for her ‘Counseling & LifeCoach’ activities and in 2024 she bagged a ‘Business Excellence Award’ for her contribution in the field of Psychic Tarot Card Reading & Spiritual Healing. 

For Aditi, though, there is still so much more to be done, because there are so many out there who need sympathy, support, help and more importantly, who need to be empowered to get a grip over their own lives and manifest their desired destinies.

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